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Advances in technology mean that lumen outputs are continuosly increasing. The figures above are corrent at time print. Please reach our sales team for up to date information.

Model Power Lumen (lm) CCT (Kelvin) Color Rendering (CRI %) Driver Efficiency Power Factor (cosØ) S/P Ratio Visually Effective Lumens
ALIEN 2H 350W 35.000 5000K 6000K >80 >96 >95 1,9 66.500
ALIEN 4H 700W 70.000 133.000
ALIEN 6H 1050W 105.000 199.500
ALIEN 8H 1400W 140.000 266.000



  • Flexible light control per fixture, per field, per sports complex
  • Dimmable per fixture 100% - 5%
  • Luminance programmable per fixture part
  • Programmable light switching plan per field and for the whole sport complex (i.e 50 lux orientation level; 200 lux training level; 300 lux game level)
  • Constant high light output over the whole lifetime (>40.000 hours)
  • LED light color is close to daylight color
  • Lights can be switched on and off at any time


Photometric Data