ZLUX Inc. which is one of the leading manufacturers of energy saving and long lasting lighting solutions on the world was established in Istanbul in 2009.

It is a company that provides special lighting designs and project services for airports, industrial buildings, retail and wholesale market chains, metro stations, train stations, schools, shopping malls and office buildings.

It develops energy-saving, long-lasting, sustainable projects without sacrificing visual comfort and proper lighting with space-specific optical designs.

In outdoor lighting which has great effects in maintaining their own identity of big buildings also at nights such as city's stadiums, historical monuments and bridges which will become the symbol and attraction center of the city, ZLUX provide project design, consultancy, procurement of products with international brands owned and its production without compromising the quality.



  • 2017 - ..

    ZLUX has shown the success of quality of its design-specific and efficient lighting luminaires by making Kazakhistan Train Station And 95% of the İstanbul Grand Airport(3rd) lighting, which is the largest airport in the world.

    • İstanbul Grand Airport(3rd)
    • Kazakhistan Train Station
  • 2016

    In 2016, the shopping malls were lightened both at home and abroad.

    • Iraq Family Mall
    • Sivas Prime Mall
    • Erzurum MNG Mall
    • Lüleburgaz Bercadia Shopping Mall
    • Khan Shatry of Kazakhistan
  • 2015

    Entering hotel projects between the years 2012-2015, made numerous hotel lighting abroad and in the country and opened the first ZLUX Showroom in İstanbul Büyükdere Street.

    • Rixos Hotels in Turkey
    • Derya Deniz Hotel in Turkmenistan
    • Myra Hotel in Ukraine
    • Bademlik Hotel
    • Özyeğin University
    • City University
  • 2012

    Between the years 2009-2012, 9000 market lighting project was signed.

  • 2009

    The company was founded in 2009 in a 350m2 area in Giyim Kent - İstanbul.