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ZBAR FLEX Cove Lighting

Advances in technology mean that lumen outputs are continuosly increasing. The figures above are corrent at time print. Please reach our sales team for up to date information.

Model Number of LEDs Lumen Power Max. Single Line Length (m) IP Protection
ZBR F60 C1 60 200 lm/m 5W/m 10 m IP20 IP65 IP67
ZBR F60 C3 60 600 lm/m 14W/m 5 m
ZBR F30 C1 30 100 lm/m 3W/m 10 m
ZBR F30 C3 30 300 lm/m 7,6W/m 8 m
ZBR F60 RGB 60 - 14W/m 5 m
ZBR F30 RGB 30 - 7,6W/m 8 m


Technical Features

  • Color: 3000K, 6000K, Red, Green Blue, Amber, RGB
  • Power Supply: 24V Constant Voltage, 1-10V Dimmable, DALI Dimmable
  • Anti-UV design
  • Cutting unit 50 mm
  • Over current protection
  • IP20,IP65,IP67
  • LOR>90%


Photometric Data