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ZETANJ AL PRO (LED) Waterproof Luminaire

Advances in technology mean that lumen outputs are continuosly increasing. The figures above are corrent at time print. Please reach our sales team for up to date information.

Model Power Lumen Output Length Diffuser Body Lamp Color Temp. (K)
ZTJ AL HE-OD 10W 1070 lm 60 cm Opal Aluminium Profile LED 2700K/3000K 4000K/6000K
14W 1600 lm 90 cm
19W 2120 lm 120 cm
25W 2660 lm 150 cm
ZTJ AL HO-OD 19W 1845 lm 60 cm
30W 2800 lm 90 cm
39W 3690 lm 120 cm
49W 4600 lm 150 cm



  • Dimmable
  • Motion sensor
  • Daylight sensor
  • 1 hour emergency gear
  • 3 hour emergency gear
  • Color Tempereture: 4000K, 5000K


Photometric Data